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I am RastalinMajere, a traveling magician and patron of all things “unique”. I have traveled the world over in search of the most interesting locales. For almost 700 years,I searched in vain until one day my road ended where all roads eventually end, here in Fremont at the Center of the Universe. Thus I have come to reside here among all the oddities and quirks of this strange land.

This strange new device you call a “movie” is rather a new creation of mortal man. Nevertheless I have become rather fond of a specific trio of films. They are best known as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. For further queries as to the content of these masterpieces of screenplay, I will refer you to the wise council of the Fremont Fairy Godmother. She is somewhat a sage in all things Lord of the Rings. Thus she is also my favorite mystical figure who is over the venerable age of 500 years old. As for my favorite piece of literature, I must name a three way tie between the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickenson, and J.R.R Tolkien. Finally, I must say that I have grown quite fond of all seafood, being purely "Vegetarian" in my unnatural needs as a vampire. I have found that a good serving of fish once a week is more than enough to keep me satisfied for a good long time.


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