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Imagine you're the former Queen of Fremont, who got deposed when it became the Republic of Fremont. Now you lead tours through the neighborhood for the commoners. It's certainly beats sitting on some stuffy throne all day listening to your subjects kvetch. Or perhaps you're a character that was accidentally left OUT of the sculpture Waiting for the Interurban. Maybe this makes you happy - maybe you need a therapist. These are the types of personalities presenting our walking tour.

You might tease the Fremont Fairy Godmother, or flirt with Miss Center of the Universe. But don't ask J-efe to sing one of his rap songs - it's not exactly easy listening.

J-efe, the Turkish Rap Singer

The Fremont Fairy Godmother

F cubed

The Grunge Rock Star

Miss Center of the Universe


Rocket Man, Super Hero sort of




Fremontís Crazy Cat Lady


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