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J-efe, the Turkish Rap Singer

J-efe, half rapper, half Turkish Robin Hood, was born in a small village just outside the town of Bergama on the Aegean Coast, where the women are beautiful and all the men are Zeybeks. One day, after the usual defending his village from bad guys, he decided to take his uncle's classic Yagcibedir carpet, spun with steel threads running through it, out for a drive. Just while he was cruising under the clouds, he was caught in a magnetic vortex and transported to the center of the universe, Fremont. In Fremont, where his garb attracted the admiration of local musicians, he became involved with a local rap group under the moniker J-efe. Surely you remember his hit record and the following words:

Spin my turban 
Twirl my fez
A living good guy
Lucky not to be dead 

Favorite pastime:Drinking Raki and eating kebabs with friends at the ojaklbasi, where they inevitable end up singing sad, tragic songs of unrequited love.
Favorite food: the tasty Turkish lamb chops called pirzola.
Prized possession: My uncle's carpet.
Hidden skill: I can balance a glass of raki on my head.

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