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Grunge Rock Star

In late 1990 Bjorn Anders had his path to Grunge Rock stardom cut short. While reaching for a frosty beverage during a New Year's party, he fell into his cooler and the lid shut behind him. He would remain in a poor man's cryogenic freeze for the next 20 years until the Marshawn Lynch touchdown earthquake broke the seal on the cooler. He made his way back to Freelard to apologize for missing his appointment at Reciprocal Recordings, only to find the studio no longer existed. He now spends his time educating visitors on the public art of Fremont while he searches The Stranger's want ads for a band needing a Grunge guitarist. Any day now...

Favorite pastime: Stage diving
Favorite food: Beer
Prized possession: Gibson Flying V guitar
Hidden skill: Convincing beauty queens to marry me

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