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Group Tours

Why yes we do offer special group tours!

  • Celebrating a wedding with out of town guests]
  • Want to wish someone a happy retirement?
  • Want to offer your fellow cube-mates a way to stretch their legs and free their minds?
  • Wondering what to do with that group of folks coming in at the next convention?

Schedule your very own Fremont Tour!

We can schedule a special tour just for your group. We can even combine your tour with a meal at one of the many fine Fremont restaurants.

  • Group rates range from $400 to $600 depending on the size of the group.
  • Reservations for special group tours must be made in advance.
  • Group tours that include a restaurant meal are available.

Interested in something fun and local?  Drop us a line!  We'll talk with you about your scheduling preferences, the size of your group, and we'll be delighted to arrange a group tour just for you! We would love to share the Center of the Universe with your playful group.

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