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Doc is from a time of smoke filled saloons, dance hall girls and green cloth covered tables. He came north from Tombstone to seek his fortune during the Yukon Gold Rush in 1897 armed with only a deck of cards; Doc was the last of the old time gamblers.

The combination of a freak snow storm and a sore loser changed the course of Doc’s journey and landed him smack dab into The Center of the Universe -- Fremont. As the newest member of The Fremont Tour, Doc is always ready to amaze and amuse, educate and illuminate telling his tales with a trick or two up his sleeves. And who knows maybe he’ll even tell you how he actually got here.

Favorite Books: “The Bon-Vivant’s Companion”, Jerry Thomas (1862)
Favorite Play: “The Forty Thieves”, a pantomime burlesque (1878)
Favorite Dancer: Fatima aka Little Egypt -- the original hootchie-goochie dancer
Favorite Song: “There Is A Tavern In The Town”, FJ Adams (1891)
Favorite Movie:What’s a movie?
Favorite Quote: “Be good and you will be lonesome.” - Mark Twain
Doc’s Golden Rule: “I don’t cheat - I just increase the odds in my favor.”

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