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Little did you know, Fremont has its very own wicked which… well, she’s not so wicked anymore. Brunhilda the witch has been a resident of Fremont for a good 236 years now. Sadly, the wickedness has drained from her when she sold her powers for eternal youth. When you are 236 years old, one would assume you would gain some fame from that. Not Brunhilda. All that fame was sucked away from her when that Troll turned to stone under the Aurora Bridge. Who cares about some stupid Troll when you have a live 236 year old witch standing right in front of you? The only thing she has left is a Peter Pan complex and the ability to channel coffee into extraordinary energy.

Pet Peeves: When she runs out of glitter… she runs into Trolls

Favorite Drink: iced, soy, quadruple, raspberry white chocolate mocha

Spirit Animal” Stevie Nicks

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